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Quaid-e-Taleem Late Mr. Abdul Rahman Muhammad Qureshi, Founder Of Islamia College Building Complex.

Islamic Education Trust Is The Owner Above Building Complex Karachi.

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Founder Trustee / President Of Islamic Education Trust Mr. Muhammad Hussain Qureshi Is The Eldest Son Of Quaid-e-Taleem Late Mr. Abdul Rahman Qureshi.


The Name Of The Islamic Education Trust's Trustees And Their Respective Offices Are Mentioned Below:-


  1. Mr. Muhammad Hussain Qureshi, President & Founder Trustee
  2. Mrs. Mumtaz Muzakkir, Treasurer & Founder Trustee
  3. Mr. Syed Kamran Hussain, General Secretary & Trustee
  4. Mr. Mazhar Ali Nanjiani, Vice President & Trustee
  5. Mr. Khawaja Adnan Ali, Joint Treasurer & Trustee
  6. Mr. Inayat Ibadullah Khan, Joint Secretary & Trustee
  7. Mrs. Sarwat Qureshi, Member & Trustee

Where as on 25th October,2004 due to the breach of trust conducted by the Mrs. Afroz Shah wife of Syed Anwar Ali Shah, Mr. Khalid Rehman Quershi son of Late Mr. A.M. Quershi and Mr. Ismail Quershi son of Mr. Khalid Rehman Quershi, the membership of the aforesaid have been cancelled and their services were removed from the trust permanently through resolution passed by the remaining founder trustees of Islamic Education Trust (Regd.) In 1958.


Islamic Education Trust (IET) General Secretary, Syed Kamran Hussain, has alleged that Afroze Shah, who is claiming to be a trustee of IET and the official assignee, Kadir Bukhsh Umrani, are partners and both want to grab the Islamia College Building Complex. Mr. Hussain said that advocate Naeem Suleman (for official assignee, Karachi) is in civil case of ex 17/2008 in the court of 3rd Rent Controller, East, Karachi (IET through Official Assignee Karachi Umrani Vs CDGK and Others) and this same Advocate (for Afroze Shah) is in criminal revision no 53/2008 in the Sindh High Court (Mr. Muhammad Hussain Qureshi Vs Afroze Shah). He said that the same person is the Advocate for Shah and Umrani which is evidence that the two are partners and want to grab the aforesaid building.




Mr. Syed Muzakkir Hussain (Gray Topi) Is The Eldest Son-In-Law Of Quaid-e-Taleem Late Mr. Abdul Rahman Qureshi.


Head Office Of The Islamic Education Trust.